Due to the weather conditions in the wind turbine fields, enough and sustainable inspections cannot be done properly. Also, because of the irregular and insufficient inspection after maintenance and repair processes, the lives of plants decrease and energy production fertility go down visibly. Ulke Energy, performing inspection, maintenance and repair, retrofit services for Wind Turbine Power Plants in both Turkey and surrounding areas, operates fast and safe inspection autonomously thanks to the 3DXTM Technology that uses Drone Technology.

Even though conventional maintenance and repair methods performed on wind turbines require great effort from planning to operate, reporting to improvement, they lead high risk results as well as cost and time loss to the customers. Not being able to collect enough and healthy data and performing incorrect intervention to damaged areas may lead wind turbines to be non-functional in very short time.

Ulke Energy, which has adapted latest technology to Wind Turbine operations, can make complete operation even in tough winter conditions and high height thanks to 3DXTM Inspection Platform. This platform on which thousands of blades can be followed with just one interface provides to take a lot of precautions in shortest time effectively for the blades and determines repair needs in optimum period, therefore, presents economic repair.


Wind Turbine Blade MaintenanceMakes difference with ''Drone Technology''

An autonomous flight is made and collected data is reported by wind experts and kept in cloud system. 3DXTM inspection platform provides to operate extensive (700 photography average) inspection process in one hour (3 blades), by this way minimizes turbine stance period and helps to have maximum energy production.

This new technology which does not leave any blind spot with its 6 different angles and 100% scanning feature captures even slightest damages thanks to highest resolution technology. The 3DXTM in which artificial intelligence and drone technology come together makes an autonomous, fast, correct evaluation analyses in terms of damage priority. Therefore, the platform providing te date of where to start repair and what is the level of damage, forms a database which is full of reliable information for trend analysis and creates an environment for the repair action. Moreover keeping the database in cloud services provides trustworthy and fast access to date.