%75 Faster Oil Change

Gearbox & Hydraulic System malfunctions in wind turbines and other cycle plants usually occur due to oil changes not being performed in time, or neglecting the necessary filtration processes and not having the internal cleaning of the Gearbox and Hydraulic system before the oil change.

Contrary to Gearbox Oil Change, conventional oil change systems generally result in long stoppages in the power plants and also causing redundant high costs.

Factors affecting the operation life of the wind turbine;

  • Intended use of oil (Working under high load, corrosion and oxidation prevention)
  • Brand and Model (Mineral-Synthetic etc.)
  • Product Life (Compliance with hot/cold environments, not requiring long-term change)
  • Change Times
  • Filtration
  • Change Methods

Ülke Energy has presented the oil change system that has been used widely in America and Europe power plants on more than 200 turbines both in Turkey and surrounding area.

Benefits of Gearbox Oil Change

  • Possibility to work on more than one turbine during the day
  • Powerful vacuum system to accelerate the oil draining
  • Reduction of Turbine downtime
  • Prevent oil waste through digital counters
  • Re-filteration of the oil in the intended condition
  • Oil transfer at intended temperature
  • Working in accordance with safer standards compared to traditional methods
  • Reducing environmental risks
  • Sustainability
  • A Sealed system that optimizes oil performance
  • Storage of oil in (clean, dirty and flush) in separate tanks
  • Transfer of waste oil to the intended location without any need of power supply