Our Mission & Vision

  • Well aware of the importance of renewable energy sources, Ulke Energy aims to provide world quality standards with its team to the production focused wind farms both in Turkey and surrounding areas.
  • Ülke Energy follows professional work ethics and principles of honest work in order to perform the top line service with its most important asset, the competent human resources embodied in the company, to those generating Turkey’s energy.
  • Focusing on sustainable growth, Ülke Energy plans to be an expert on its field with its determination to be a worldwide leader.
  • Offering quality engineering services with productivity analysis and controllable process in line with its clients’ needs, Ülke Energy adds value to its business partners.
  • Ülke Energy’s operation and maintenance solutions serve up new and flexible services, which are combined with accurate budgets, specific to every client.
  • Ülke Energy offers its clients new service opportunities by transcribing foreign business development models directed to economic contribution to the energy investments available in Turkey.

Why Ülke Energy?

  • Ülke Energy bases its power on the experienced employees of the sector.
  • The principles of occupational health and safety are applied by Ülke Energy employees at the highest level of consciousness.
  • Excellent engineering services, in line with the needs of the customers, are presented in a transparent manner with open processes and efficient monitoring.
  • Predefined service levels and reports are always maintained by Ülke Energy in order to ensure maximum production continuity for power plants customers.
  • Thanks to the dynamic and experienced engineering support that can produce fast solutions, life cycles of the power plants are made most efficient and proactive solutions are prepared for problems and problems that may occur.
  • New and flexible services are offered with the right budgets for each customer.
  • "Excellent O & M", “7/24 Problem Solving" and "High Customer Satisfaction "are standard services of Ülke Energy and can be reached handily.

Our Policies

Our Certificates