Parts of wind turbines, such as gearbox, generator, yaw and pitch engine, can be damaged even in their first years. For this reason, inspections performed before the end of the warranty period are of great importance for turbines. In order to make clear determinations in such cases and before, Ülke Energy conducts baroscope inspections, oil analysis, vibration measurements and full visual inspections.

Thanks to its advanced expertise and growing progress, Ülke Energy, which has carried out inspection operations in a large number of turbines, aims to ensure that its customers get the best from their products.

With detailed photos, videos, reviews and recommendations, Ülke Energy helps to prioritize actions necessary for gearboxes to operate efficiently. Thus, customers who prefer Ülke Energy can reduce repair costs and turbine downtimes before any problems occur in their original products.

  1. Detailed Gearbox Inspection with baroscope
  2. End of warranty Inspection
  3. Vibration Analysis

After the inspections, Ülke Energy offers a detailed report on the transactions performed on the turbines to its customers. The reports include a detailed description of the general situation of the turbines, as well as suggestions and notes on future updates.