The inspections, Maintenance and Repair works performed on the wind turbine blades have a significant role in the operation of the turbine. These processes also help in extending the operating life of the turbine. For example; A minor erosion damage on the Blade, depending on the site conditions, reduce turbine efficiency by 3-4%.

As of 2013, Ülke Energy has provided Repair, Maintenance and Inspection services for hundreds of wind turbines both in Turkey and abroad. Our team has carried out Internal and External Inspections in more than 650 Blades, Repairing Works in more than 320 Blades and other Maintenance Services in more than 230 wings.

We perform our Blade Operations with Sky Climber, Rope Access, Basket Crane or Platform.

Ülke Energy provides its quality services with its experienced team trained in both composite and rope access (L1, L2, L3 IRATA and SPRAT) of different brands of Epoxy and polyester. These operations are carried out by approved instructions and materials of well-known wind turbine and Blade Manufacturers (Enercon, GE, Nordex, Siemens, Sinovel, Vestas, LM, Tecsis, TPI)

Repair, maintenance and inspection procedures are documented in a step-by-step manner and are easily and comprehensively reported by Ülke Energy. Also the brands, models and quantities of the used products are listed in these reports.

In addition to operations on the Root, Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, Pressure Side, Suction Side and Type sections of the Blades, we also offer inspections and repair works inside of the Blade, on Lightning Protection System and Card.

Ülke Energy Blade Repair Team is in the field within 12-48 hours to perform the following repairs and inspections.

  • Damages caused by Transport and Montage
  • Lightning and Protection System Damages
  • Hail and Frosting Damage
  • Type Repair and Replacement
  • De-lamination
  • Accessories Dismantling and Assembly (Vortex, E-Foil, Zig-Zag Tape, Gurney Flap, Stall Strip etc.)
  • Leading and Trailing Edge Damages
  • Balance Measurement and Adjustment
  • End of Warranty Review
  • Visual Control
  • Cleaning and Painting
  • Spinner, Hub and Nacelle Repairs
  • Blade Pitch Bearing Seal Exchanges
  • Tower Surface Cleaning
  • Retrofit