Ülke Energy and its business partner BerlinWind, which carries out a work program focused on optimization of wind turbine performance, offer the highest level of independent expertise service. The R & D Centre owned by the partnership has developed High Sensitivity Measurement, Load Measurement, Optical Blade Angle Measurement and Laser-based Blade Edge Measurement Systems for rotor balancing disorders.

In addition, the expert teams of Ülke Energy and BerlinWind have performed dynamic rotor balancing and technical measurements in nearly one thousand wind turbines of more than twenty manufacturers. In this way, our customers could benefit from our high diversity of experience and general knowledge.


Our Services

Routine controls show that approximately 30% of the wind turbines exceed the operating limit values untimely due to the rotor imbalance problem.

The Pitch Angle, being recorded separately in each Blade of the turbines, is carefully examined to identify possible deviations in the vanes and to measure this deviation size. The controller settings of the pitch angles of all blades are subject to extensive inspection to determine the total deviation rating according to the required value.

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